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Kish asked me to remove my shoes

Kish asked me to remove my shoes, which is one of his many little rules you quickly learn to adopt. Like: He’s Daniel Kish, and anyone who calls him «Dan» more than once may be struck with withering disdain. And don’t disturb him during his sleep time lately, he’s been sleeping just two hours twice a day, usually from 5 to 7 in the morning and again from 5 to 7 in the evening.

Capers’ blitz rate was a lowly 17.1%, and not once did he send more than five. Minus Sam Shields (concussion) and Damarious Randall (groin), Capers used a two high safety look much more than usual to assist his backup cornerbacks. Based on LaDarius Gunter’s showing, he might have earned a starting job.

Donaldson, Amanda A. Ferri, Catlyn M. Gary, Kacy L. Rust: Man, this is a tough issue because we live in a team based work environment. Most of our projects require contributions from a variety of people. And with so many fingers in the pie, it is easy to let yourself off the hook.

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